Link to page on support groups and blogs

Support Groups & Blogs

Listed on the linked page are online and offline support groups for people dealing with family estrangement and a list of blogs written on the subject by writers and representatives of organizations.

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Link to page on mentail health issues.

Mental Health Issues

Disorders that can be catalysts for estrangement

Note: My listing of a link does NOT mean that I agree with the information and opinions found at each site or that any of these sites will be helpful to anyone. I am not a mental health professional nor an expert on any of the conditions or situations mentioned on the linked page.

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List of celebrities and others who have esperienced estrangement.

The Estranged

Famous, Infamous and Ordinary People who have experienced Estrangement.

Names are arranged alphabetically by last name. This collection of names of people who have experienced family estrangement include both famous people and some who have had just a brush with fame or infamy due to something that they did or something that someone in their family did.

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